What You Need to Know About Nano Brows

While some trends come and go, others seem to evolve… and that’s what we’re seeing with the latest trend in semi-permanent eyebrow treatments. Microblading has long been hailed as a popular method for getting well-defined, feather-like hair strokes on eyebrows. However, nano needling is quickly gaining attention. So just what is the difference between microblading and nano needling?

The Difference Between Microblading and Nano Brows

Microblading involves using a small, sharp instrument of 10–16 small needles configured into the shape of a blade to deposit pigment into the skin. Small cuts are made and the pigment is left on the skin for several minutes before being gently wiped away.

Nano needling, or micropigmentation, is very similar to microblading. In a nano brow treatment, ultra-fine needles ranging in size from 0.18–0.35 are used to mimic the diameter and dimension of real hair in the skin. Since the needle sits inside the cartridge and depth penetration can be precisely adjusted, it’s easier for the technician to create perfect, natural-looking hair strokes.

Nano needling, or micropigmentation, is very similar to microblading. In a nano brow treatment, ultra-fine needles ranging in size from 0.18–0.35 are used to mimic the diameter and dimension of real hair in the skin. Since the needle sits inside the cartridge and depth penetration can be precisely adjusted, it’s easier for the technician to create perfect, natural-looking hair strokes.

Nano needling, or micropigmentation, is very similar to microblading. In a nano brow treatment, ultra-fine needles ranging in size from 0.18–0.35 are used to mimic the diameter and dimension of real hair in the skin. Since the needle sits inside the cartridge and depth penetration can be precisely adjusted, it’s easier for the technician to create perfect, natural-looking hair strokes.

Organic and non-organic pigmentations are specifically formulated for the sensitive eye area and come in varied shades and colours to get a more natural look.

Nano needles are fantastic as they are less likely to cause real damage to the skin or to implant the pigment too deep, causing scars as might happen with a heavy-handed microblading technician.

Although a microblading treatment may be less expensive that a nano needling session, you’ll get a LOT more bang for your buck with nano brows. A typical microblading session will last anywhere from 12–18 months; whereas, your nano brows can last up to 3 years!

Overall, you’ll get a more natural look with less trauma to the skin and more precision and accuracy.

What to Expect in Your First Nano Brow Treatment

As you might expect, it takes time and patience to create each meticulous hair stroke. Come to your appointment prepare to get your personalized eyebrow measuring, drawing, checking, and needling.

Your technician will discuss the colour and style of your eyebrows before the procedure. Topical anesthetic is used to make the process as comfortable as possible. In our experience, the tougher the skin the more sensitivity you may experience; however, in the long run those with tougher skin get better colour retention.

Keep in mind that your new nano brows will appear a couple of shades darker for the first week or so following treatment. A follow-up appointment (around 4 to 6 weeks later) will be required to perfect the shape and colour of your brows.

Caring for Your Nano Brows

After your initial and follow-up treatments, you’ll want to make sure to keep your new brows clean and healthy. To avoid any scarring or infection, avoid

picking at the scabs. Do not expose the treated areas to extreme heat or cold until the healing process is completed.

Initially, you’ll want to avoid using soaps, creams, or make-up around your brow area as they can have a negative effect on your new brows. Sun exposure, light and laser treatments, facial massages, and peels are not recommended until after your second appointment.

After your brows have healed, it’ll be important to use a cream with an SPF to protect your brow’s colour… but you already wear sunscreen daily to protect your delicate facial skin anyways, right?!! 

You’ll LOVE the natural look of your new brows almost as much as you’ll love how much time you’ll save each morning! If you’re interested to learn more about our nano brow treatments, give us a call at 705.256.6461 or reserve your appointment online.





Experience the Benefits of a Hot Bamboo Massage

You’re likely familiar with traditional bamboo… that tree-like shoot pandas love to eat. You’ve also likely seen bamboo essence added to beauty products, like lotions and creams, the stalks used to make furniture, or even the fibres used for bed sheets. However, have you ever heard of using bamboo for a deep tissue massage?

Bamboo was considered a powerful healing tool in ancient China, Japan, and Indonesia. In these cultures, it often symbolizes life, energy, prosperity, longevity, and fertility. While we’ve likely purchased bamboo products in one of its versatile forms, today it’s making a comeback as a bodywork tool due to its hard, flexible, and lightweight construction.

Bamboo is a highly renewable resource. Although some varieties can grow more than 30 m (98 ft) tall, it is, in fact, a giant perennial grass. The hollow stem can be cut, leaving the root system intact for rapid re-growth (as much as 1 ft in 24 hours, growing back to full-size in just a few years!).

When used for body massage, several hollow and full bamboo sticks of various lengths are used during the massage; generally the longer, thicker sticks are used for gliding and rolling movements along larger muscles (like the back and thighs), whereas the shorter, thinner sticks are used to roll out muscle tension, knots, and trigger points. For practitioners, using bamboo sticks can ease occupational pain in the hands and wrists from repeated deep tissue work. Using the bamboo as a tool can give more strength and stamina for deeper pressure.

Similar to a hot stone massage, some practitioners prefer to intensify the massage by heating the bamboo in a heating pad. The belief is that the extra heat will penetrate more deeply into tissue and muscle layers. The warmth alone can relax cold, tense muscles, essentially helping the massage to become more effective.

Those who’ve experienced a bamboo massage compare it to a deep-tissue massage, especially when the bamboo sticks are used to replicate the strokes used in Swedish massage. The combined warmth from the heated bamboo sticks along with rolling movements stimulates circulation in the body, increasing blood flow, which essentially helps the body flush toxins. Similarly, lymphatic fluid circulation is also enhanced, resulting in improved bodily functions, lower blood pressure, and the removal of metabolic waste from internal organs and muscles.

Bamboo is a natural antioxidant, and its extract contains silica, which assists your body in absorbing calcium, potassium, magnesium and other essential minerals that give your skin a healthy glow. While your body won’t be directly be getting the benefits of silica during a massage treatment, you may see an alleviation of psoriasis and eczema because of bamboo’s anti-irritant properties.

Like any form of massage, there are numerous physical, mental, and emotional benefits of hot bamboo massage, including
-Reactivating and stimulating blood circulation
-Migraine relief
-Improving sleep quality
-Managing respiratory ailments
-Alleviating arthritic pain
-Increasing joint and muscle flexibility
-Stimulating cellular activity to repair and nourish the skin
-Assists in removing lactic acid to reduce pain

Interested in experiencing a hot bamboo massage? For a limited time, the Greenhouse Spa is offering hot bamboo massages! Give us a call at 705-256-6461 for more information, or request an appointment today.


How to get soft, luscious skin and detoxify at the same time (HINT: It’s not moisturizer)

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and you likely take steps to care for it (washing, moisturizing, protecting, etc.). However, did you know that your skin has a very important job: ridding your body of environmental pollutants and toxins. One-third of your body’s toxins are eliminated through your skin. When your skin’s pores are clogged, these toxins stay inside, building up and wreaking havoc internally. Dry brushing is an excellent way to exfoliate the skin, allowing trapped environmental pollutants and toxins to escape.



There are several benefits to regular dry brushing:

  • Dull layers of skin are removed (exfoliation), improving your complexion
  • Stimulates and increases blood circulation
  • Eliminates toxins from the body, improving the functions of your internal organs
  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite
  • Leaves your skin feeling and looking younger
  • Soothes and massages sore muscles
  • Gives your energy levels a boost
  • Reduces the size and appearance of pores
  • Assists with the distribution of fat deposits (cellulite)
  • Stimulates lymph vessels just below the skin, helping the body detoxify itself naturally

Greenhouse Spa sells socially-responsible dry brushes so you can do it from home, and we are happy to help you choose the right brush for your needs.


Follow these tips to ensure you’re getting the most out of your personal dry brushing:

  • Do it when your skin is dry
  • Brushing before getting in the shower is an ideal time
  • Brush in long, smooth strokes (about 10 times before moving to a new spot)
  • Brush towards your heart to encourage toxins to move towards where the lymph system drains
  • Start with the bottoms of your feet then move up your legs
  • Do the palms of your hands and move up your arms
  • For your stomach and armpits, brush in a circular motion
  • Next, do your abdomen and back
  • Use a delicate brush for your face
  • After showering, be sure to apply a lotion to re-moisturize your skin
  • Wash your brush every few weeks to remove dead skin cells
  • Replace your brush every six to twelve months… the bristles will naturally wear down



The brushes we use (Merben) are assembled in Sri Lanka, in a factory that supports social equality. Merben’s factory ethically employs workers 18+; does not discriminate against gender, religion, language, or cast; and supports families by providing flexible working hours for women with children and opportunities for caregivers to work from home.




How Can Water Therapy Benefit You?


A hot bath when you’re stressed, a refreshing swim on a hot day, or a glass of water anytime—what could be better? Water has been recognized as a healer since at least the time of the Roman Empire when Roman baths were all the rage, and now you can harness the positive qualities of water with relaxing water therapy exclusive to The Greenhouse Spa.

At The Greenhouse Spa, you can benefit from PHYTOMER water therapy treatments in our unique water therapy room, which includes an acrylic wet treatment table, 7 head Vichy rainshower and custom shower unit. If you’re wondering how water therapy can help you, or why you should consider choosing one of our water treatments rather than a more standard massage, explained below are some of the great perks of water therapy:

For the Skin

Many people recognize the benefits of exfoliating the face on a regular basis, but exfoliating the entire epidermis is important as well. Ensuring your skin is well exfoliated not only makes for smoother, softer skin, but allows for better absorption of other products, such as moisturizers. The Satin Shimmer Vichy Rainshower Treatment exfoliates the skin with salt crystals which gently remove dead skin cells to leave your skin moisturized and refreshed. PHYTOMER, the company that blends many of the products we use in our treatments, is famous for harnessing natural ingredients from the sea to improve the look and feel of skin, and our water therapy treatments do just this!

For the Body

Did you know that water therapy can stimulate micro circulation? When circulation is improved, oxygen is better transported throughout the body, easing sore muscles and decreasing tiredness, as well as allowing for many other health improvements. Water therapy can also help eliminate toxins, which can boost your energy and immune system function. Hydrotherapy has also been known to help with colds, digestive problems, and insomnia, and our PHYTOMER system even breaks down fat and helps contour your body.


For the Mind

Water therapy is excellent for stress relief. Soothing massage combined with the revitalizing pitter pater of calming water allows your mind to drift away from your daily busy life. Honestly, what’s more relaxing than a body wrap, massage, and the gentle pressure of water across your body?

Personalized for You

With water therapy, you can enjoy the effects of our 7 head Vichy rainshower and a massage customized to your needs. Whether your main goal is taking a break from your busy life, caring for your skin, improving your health, or even breaking down fat, we have the customized water therapy treatment for you.

To book your appointment or learn more about our exclusive water treatments, call us 705-256-6461.

Thread Rightly: A brief guide to determine if threading is the best option for you


A history of threading

The desire to have the perfect brows is not a new trend; in cultures including Ancient Egypt, all body hair was removed with the exception of well-sculpted brows, and brow shaping was once seen as representative of entrance into adulthood in Persia. Among the most popular manners of achieving beautiful brows is threading. While this method may be relatively new to North America, it is certainly not simply a modern technique for hair removal. In fact, threading has been purported to have originated in Persia and China, among other countries, and has been practiced in India for at least 6,000 years! Originally, in India, threading was used for removing all unwanted hair from the face, and it can certainly still be used for this purpose, although today eyebrows are most commonly threaded.

How does threading work?

Using a single thin thread to create flawless eyebrows may seem like a magic trick, but it’s not; this is all a threading professional needs to create brows that precisely frame your face. Techniques vary, but threading usually involves rolling the knotted thread so it grips rows of hair, removing them cleanly from the root. Individual hairs, even tiny ones, are carefully targeted and picked up by the thread, leaving not a single unwanted hair behind.

Is threading really the best hair removal technique?

While threading may sound painful, many advocates find the method significantly less painful than other hair removal methods, such as waxing. Some who are new to threading find it slightly uncomfortable, but most, however, still say it’s worth it.

The main reason so many clients choose to refresh their brows with threading every 4 to 6 weeks is because it’s an incredibly precise technique. A professional can choose exactly which hairs to remove to raise the arch of the eyebrow, remove a unibrow, and ensure the client’s eyebrow shape best suits their face. And, as most beauty-buffs acknowledge, well-shaped brows make your whole face look so much better.

Because it doesn’t involve chemicals and doesn’t remove a layer of skin as waxing does, threading is also an ideal choice for those who are into natural beauty. Threading is also recommended for those on acne medications such as Accutane because it’s better for the skin and doesn’t cause the redness and soreness that waxing can. The process is much faster than grabbing every hair individually with a pair of tweezers, and, since it gets rid of even short hairs, it’s long-lasting. With all these benefits, threading still doesn’t typically cost more than waxing.

So, why doesn’t everyone choose threading? Well, for many, it is because it’s still difficult to find a professional eyebrow threader in many smaller North American cities. Luckily for Saultites, the new owner of The Greenhouse Spa, Uravi Jariwala, has been threading eyebrows for 10 years. She was trained in providing this sought after service in India, and it was the first service she offered when she moved to Canada 11 years ago. Uravi is taking on new clients, so if you’d like to learn more about this both ancient and modern technique for perfect brows or book your appointment, give The Greenhouse Spa a call at 705-256-6461.