Thread Rightly: A brief guide to determine if threading is the best option for you


A history of threading

The desire to have the perfect brows is not a new trend; in cultures including Ancient Egypt, all body hair was removed with the exception of well-sculpted brows, and brow shaping was once seen as representative of entrance into adulthood in Persia. Among the most popular manners of achieving beautiful brows is threading. While this method may be relatively new to North America, it is certainly not simply a modern technique for hair removal. In fact, threading has been purported to have originated in Persia and China, among other countries, and has been practiced in India for at least 6,000 years! Originally, in India, threading was used for removing all unwanted hair from the face, and it can certainly still be used for this purpose, although today eyebrows are most commonly threaded.

How does threading work?

Using a single thin thread to create flawless eyebrows may seem like a magic trick, but it’s not; this is all a threading professional needs to create brows that precisely frame your face. Techniques vary, but threading usually involves rolling the knotted thread so it grips rows of hair, removing them cleanly from the root. Individual hairs, even tiny ones, are carefully targeted and picked up by the thread, leaving not a single unwanted hair behind.

Is threading really the best hair removal technique?

While threading may sound painful, many advocates find the method significantly less painful than other hair removal methods, such as waxing. Some who are new to threading find it slightly uncomfortable, but most, however, still say it’s worth it.

The main reason so many clients choose to refresh their brows with threading every 4 to 6 weeks is because it’s an incredibly precise technique. A professional can choose exactly which hairs to remove to raise the arch of the eyebrow, remove a unibrow, and ensure the client’s eyebrow shape best suits their face. And, as most beauty-buffs acknowledge, well-shaped brows make your whole face look so much better.

Because it doesn’t involve chemicals and doesn’t remove a layer of skin as waxing does, threading is also an ideal choice for those who are into natural beauty. Threading is also recommended for those on acne medications such as Accutane because it’s better for the skin and doesn’t cause the redness and soreness that waxing can. The process is much faster than grabbing every hair individually with a pair of tweezers, and, since it gets rid of even short hairs, it’s long-lasting. With all these benefits, threading still doesn’t typically cost more than waxing.

So, why doesn’t everyone choose threading? Well, for many, it is because it’s still difficult to find a professional eyebrow threader in many smaller North American cities. Luckily for Saultites, the new owner of The Greenhouse Spa, Uravi Jariwala, has been threading eyebrows for 10 years. She was trained in providing this sought after service in India, and it was the first service she offered when she moved to Canada 11 years ago. Uravi is taking on new clients, so if you’d like to learn more about this both ancient and modern technique for perfect brows or book your appointment, give The Greenhouse Spa a call at 705-256-6461.