Greenhouse’s Search for a Better Moisturizer

One of top questions we get asked about by our spa visitors is guidance on how to choose a great moisturizer. While we offer great products that are carefully selected by us and deliver intended results, we have often been asked about sourcing a natural organic product. Often times, the products that claim to be “Organic”, we’ve found were expensive or worse- were full of chemicals and ingredients that were potentially dangerous or hash on our sensitive skin. After looking at what was on the market, we felt compelled to create a product that not only keeps our skin soft and healthy but also was sourced from safe and organic ingredients as well.

That’s how Neysa’s Antioxidant-C Moisturizer, our newest product, came to life.

Neysa’s Antioxidant-C Moisturizer, is rich in Vitamin C and helps to fight oxidative stress and protects our skin on a cellular level. One of the greatest features is that the ingredients are sourced from Northern Ontario and is organic and USDA certified.

We’ve created a lightweight moisturizer that has superior organic ingredients like Sumac fruit extract, our key ingredient, which is sourced right here in Northern Ontario. The Sumac fruit is one of the “Super Fruits” and is rich in antioxidants and full of immune boosting Vitamin C which is known to fight off free radicals, promotes the synthesis of collagen in the skin, lighten and brighten skin tones and improves skin elasticity.

With the help of Vitamin C, our daily moisturizing lotion helps to keep your skin looking youthfully radiant by diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

All natural ingredients like Shea, Cocoa and Mango butters, nourishing oils, Aloe Vera extract, Chamomile, and Vitamin C, provide intense hydration to your skin without leaving your skin feeling oily or congested so it works with all skin types. The hydrating ingredients not only soften the skin but improve elasticity, firmness, and colour.

Designed for daily use, the lotion has a light, fresh scent of sweet orange and lavender. Another key feature is the fact that we were able to create such a fabulous product with a non-GMO formula that contains only certified organic ingredients that are:

  • skin safe,
  • cruelty free,
  • nontoxic,
  • and contain no preservatives or parabens.

Great for those that are looking to come into contact with the least amount of toxins possible.

Neysa’s Antioxidant-C Moisturizer is now available on location at the spa. We encourage you to stop in an try out our new favourite moisturizer and believe that it will quickly become yours too. After all, your face deserves nothing but the best. Our newest product is Canadian-made from purity, integrity and premiere quality.

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